To  dig.

To re-imagine.

To question.

To know the rules, only to break them.


To be inspired by everything but dance, and in turn, make everything into a dance. I create dance that can be digested simply, dance that allows an audience to understand. And when they don’t; dance that gives the tools for an audience to figure it out on their own.

With repertoire that reads like a “Crash Course in Movement” but bound in the fine leather and gold of traditional dance knowledge and technique, my work is constantly shifting and evolving to invoke new feelings and inspire creativity in audience members of all ages and backgrounds.

From the sticky,  electric stage of iconic rock and roll legends, to the kitschy title sequence of classic 90’s sitcoms, I am constantly invigorated by environments that spark sensorial memory and passionate understanding. The work I create and perform explores boundaries of all types and pushes the idea of what dance can be and what it can become.

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"Name it Tasha" is a bold experiment in the wind up, blow out, and fall out of a live musical performance.


This work aims to navigate the audience through the excitement and transcendence of rock and roll while simultaneously delivering the best of modern contemporary dance. 

“In the Beginning” is a choreographic work that begs to ask, “What is dance?”, “Who gets to dance?”, and “Who is allowed to understand the dance?”.


These inquiries create a disjointed plotline of repeated beginnings that keep audience members guessing and questioning the work, constantly inviting the viewer to become reinvested at each start.


Working from an improvisational structure, propelled by humor and the input of each unique performer; “In the Beginning”, engages the audience to have a full hand in the progression of the work. .


It is the audience and their unique understanding of what is happening within the piece that drives the production and presentation of “In the Beginning”.