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Get the Hoe Cake

Vegas > Los Angeles > Morro Bay

For the last week we have been spoiled by good friends, great food, unbelievable sites, and restful evenings. Our first stops were making up for lost time, taking on Bryce National Park and Zion National Park in one day, then camping on BLM land that took our breath away through every second of a thirty minute sunset spectacular.

Spectacular views of Bryce Canyon

Our BLM sunset

And of course, our route had us push through Las Vegas, hitting casinos and betting for close family members in Vegas with their electronically transferred cash. Between the snaky, steaming hot sidewalks, feather clad women, and slot machines at every possible corner; we quickly found out that Las Vegas was not for the faint of heart. In a city built on making money and being outrageously over the top I couldn’t help but reflect on an American classic, Jurassic Park. Dr. Ian Malcolm, in reference to the growing threat of reanimating ancient creatures, stated “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they never stopped to think if they should.” And like those scientists, the masterminds behind the Vegas strip brought to life a terrifying reality that pushed the boundaries of moral correctness. Now don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend and I had fun marveling at the craziness of it all but when visiting a city it is not the big attractions and sky scrapers I seek out, it is the soul and story its past has to share that makes me want to stay. Perhaps I need a little more convincing and insight to see what Vegas has under its 5 dollar 12 ounce bottles of water and coupon peddling employees that litter the sidewalk. But we soon found out the bus liked Vegas much more than I, locked her steering wheel and forced us to stay an extra five hours in the parking lot of Circus Circus, the tackiest hotel on the strip but the only place to park an RV (coincidence?). Thankfully my boyfriend saved the day and off we were to Los Angeles – but we definitely stopped at the largest Chevron in the world because why the hell not?

Our stay in Los Angeles was filled with meeting new friends and reuniting with old ones. We hiked to the Hollywood sign, played “Secret Hitler”, mastered an Escape Room and saw the best of Burbank from true LA residents. But what stood out against it all was the food. From home-cooked

breakfast every morning, to the greasy love of an In n Out burger, LA proved its culinary chops day in and day out. If you’re not here to see the stars or make it big, for the love of god just get the Hoe Cake from Barrel and Ashes while you’ve already got your credit card out, that is, if you can find parking first. Six or seven bittersweet goodbyes later, there we are again, hitting the road up the Pacific Coast Highway spotting otters, zebras (yes zebras), and elephant seals amongst the dramatic cliff drops into the frigid ocean side. So, stay tuned for the best the coast has to offer and our journey to Portland, Oregon. Maybe we can make it a week without calling AAA.

This is how you do Santa Monica Beach with friends...

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