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He bought a school bus.

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Growing up in the Catholic school system the school bus symbolized one thing, that indescribable joy of a school sponsored field trip. While most kids begrudgingly arose from their beds at ungodly hours to catch their daily trip on that long yellow vehicle, us Catholic school kids, khaki clad and frightfully opinionated on theology, longed for the day we got to live out our teen drama fantasies of boarding a school bus. Maybe it was just me, but our lack of school bus exposure forced us to live vicariously through our favorite Disney channel shows and teen movies where the bus was when break ups and make ups happened, drama ensued, the cool kids took their place in the back, and the heroine of our story theatrically gazed out the front window dreaming of the hunky quarterback. I honestly blame this unrestrained fantasy on the private school system and definitely not because I have a flare for the dramatic. *cue unnecessary hand gesture and posh accent*. So... when my boyfriend suggested I join him for a two month cross country road trip in his newly converted skoolie, a school bus modified for RV living, the school girl in me was giddy with excitement for all of the reasons stated above.

2 months, more than 30 set destinations, and over 6,000 miles await us. But first a little precursor to how we got here. Let’s venture back to a time, about a year ago really…

There we were, nervously stirring our milkshakes with flimsy plastic straws at the bar top of Mercury Bar and Grille, a neighborhood favorite amongst my friends and I. We had met only an hour earlier and I had already learned that a vital detail on his online dating profile was a lie. For the man sitting next to me was not a mortgage banker at Quicken Loans, no, he had quit that life and had done something that still garners an audible and inquisitive “hmmm” from people as I share it. He bought a school bus. And while all natural female instincts told me that pursuing a second date with a guy who lied on his profile was questionable… it was my sheer curiosity in him, his weird bus ~thing~, his story, and how he chose to share it that brought us here almost a year later (safely and successfully I might add).

I want to be frank, this blog is not about my fantastic partner (unfortunately for him) but I felt it necessary to make clear that he is the sole owner, designer, engineer, and curator of the Little Blue Bus and its many fantastic features. Do not be mistaken, there have been many times along the way that I have witnessed his family and friends reach out and advise him here and there but this man singlehandedly bought a bus, tore it down to a metal shell, and created an entire beautiful and functional livable space out of seemingly nothing. His dedication to the project, focus on detail, and ability to embark on a journey he really knew nothing about, committing himself to learning how a recreational vehicle functions with almost no experience in the area continues to baffle me.

We are just hours out from our adventure now and amidst the chaos of packing, painting, preparing, and purchasing; it has become apparent to me how important it is to scale back and remind each other that this trip is like any other experience we have shared thus far. We can plan and plan and plan but if Murphy’s law rears its ugly head - which it will – we must become vessels of adaptability, positivity, and support for one another. So please continue to read on in the next weeks to hear about our undeniable hunger for exploration and every obstacle we meet along the way. As we move from Detroit to LA to Seattle to Alberta and all of the places in between please message us if we are passing through your area. We would love to reconnect with friends and family all across the continental US and Canada!

Next stop: Niles, MI!

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